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Misty Hopkins

I wanted to blog about what I do at our office today . . . .  I coordinate the patient experience - from the time you call the front desk, to patient coordination with Jodi, workup with Dr West, Dr Nelson or Shelby, to the checkout and the patient nutritional therapy (supplements) - I strive to seamlessly coordinate all of that.  

I have been working for so long not sure if I remember the start date anymore (it was 2007). It has been a journey for sure.

The reason I am managing the patient experience is because, I started working the front desk which was a great position for meeting wonderful people. Then I moved to doing the supplements and then supplement ordering and fulfillment.

Then, I got the opportunity to become Dr. J assistant, which was a firehose of learning. That guy is a walking encyclopedia of medical information.  I feel like I learned the most in that position. He gave me a huge insight on the natural medicine side of the world that I had no idea what that even was.

He taught me most of all how to be compassionate and caring and that everyone has a purpose and has lost one thing or another and we were put in this position to find out what that was and help them get that back. It was powerful honestly, I never even knew that was an option or how the body and mind are connected.

I was given the chance to work in the IV room, which I am sure I worked there for something like 8 years. The IV room was honestly where I feel like I found my home at the clinic. I just love the people who come in. Every one of them has lost something and searching for hope and happiness. Being a part of that was the best. I have so many great friends from that for many years to come.

Most recently I got the opportunity to become the office manager and step down from my role as the IV room girl starting IV’s all day. Although very stressful, I accepted the position. Getting to know the staff on a higher level has opened a world of respect for each one of them.

At the clinic we truly strive to help everyone and be there for them, let them cry when they need to cry and laugh when they need someone company. Here at the clinic is a family, I whole heartedly believe that. We care when they are down and when happiness comes we are open arms to welcome that.

To be continued……. a look behind the scenes at the West Clinic, part 2, coming up

Misty, Team Leader

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