The Three Best Things About Gina

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Hey guys I’m back!! I’m here to talk about the most wonderful thing about me….MY BOYS!!!

Isidro is my oldest. He just turned 14 years old. He enjoys playing video games, playing soccer, and hanging with his cousins. He has been my miracle baby. He was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis at 14 months old. It was very rare in that age group let alone being a boy. The doctors were very puzzled on why he got it. He did receive his 1-year-old shots and then got sick with the flu. It was like it was back-to-back. His left eyelid one morning was completely closed and my family doctor right away got us into a neurologist in Utah at Primary’s Children hospital for testing. When he was first diagnosed, he struggled with getting sick once a year for 4 years straight with a bad cold. It was very overwhelming, and he was life flighted every year for 4 years. The doctors were basically experimenting because they didn’t really know how to treat his auto immune disease.

Anyway, long story short he is doing amazing in his teenage years. That’s why I call him my miracle boy. I just think of him like my rock, he is always checking in on me. He is very patient and loves his family. Eventually I will get him in to do treatments with Dr J. 

  Then there’s Marco, He is 12, turning 13 in February 2022. I love him so much. He is my little sensitive guy, in a good way. He is not afraid to say the truth. I love how he always talks to me about everything, its really comforting knowing that he’ll always come to me. I believe when you treat your children with respect and show them love, they trust you above anyone. He loves to play video games and does well in school. His teachers seem to really love him. He can be shy but once you get to know him, he opens up and he is the most genuine little guy you know. Definitely wears his heart on his sleeve. He loves to dance and be silly.

Then there’s Noah my youngest, he’s 10. I call him my lil Noah bean😊 He is my shy but explosive son, lol. He likes what he likes and when he don’t, you’ll know. He loves to play video games and play basketball on the trampoline. He’s very kind. He always worries about me. He likes to know I’m okay. Id say he’s very caring towards his momma. All my boys are but he shows it the most, which I love. He can be very serious, he doesn't like to be teased but who does.

I love all my boys so much, they all bring something unique to the table. I enjoy being there mother and wouldn’t change it for the world. There perfect just the way they are.

Until next time…….


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