Tendonitis is stress fracture

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Treating tendonitis

Meet Aaron. He has a repetitive motion job and got tendonitis in his elbow. It was horrible and medical treatments were not working. He literally at his wits end.

He came to the West Clinic and we treated him with stress fracture therapy – that means we treated with a nutritional protocol (calcium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin F, and Vitamin K2), mineral therapy through an IV and regenerative injection therapy. He had fast and complete turn around. There is a faster way to treat tendonitis instead of rest, ice, anti-inflammatories or steroids.

Give the body the right minerals (manganese, magnesium, calcium and potassium) and it will respond. When the tendon is stronger than the bone, the attachment (enthesis) pulls the periosteum from the bone away from the bone. The periosteum is highly pain sensitive. That’s where tendonitis pain comes from. The solution is to make the bone healthier.

Calcium lactate or calcium malate is absorbable (calcium carbonate is too hard). Vitamin D3 takes calcium out of the stomach and mobilizes to the blood stream. Vitamin F takes calcium out of the bone and puts into the tissues and Vitamin K2 activates in the bone. If you have tendonitis, you have soft bones.

If you need the oral bone building protocol (you can do this at home), please call the West Clinic 208-232-3216.

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– Dr Jason West


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