Skyler's Seizure-Free Success Story

iv therapy neural therapy patient success story

Meet Skyler, who started experiencing grand mal seizures for unknown reasons while on a trip to West Africa.

Despite consulting multiple doctors, he couldn't pinpoint the cause until he visited the West Clinic. After his first visit, he discovered answers and ways to stop the seizures.

Through a combination of nutritional therapy, IV therapy, red light therapy, and neural therapy, his seizures stopped after a few weeks of treatment.

Apart from medical interventions, Skyler made significant lifestyle changes such as removing soda from his diet, eating healthier, and following a consistent routine. He realized the importance of listening to his body and taking care of it. He researched his options to become his own health advocate.

Thanks to his efforts and the efforts of his doctors, Skyler has now been seizure-free for over 12 weeks and is leading a more intentional and healthier life.

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