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Joint Inflammation and Bone on Bone Arthritis

Often the traditional medical recommendation for these conditions is medication to manage the pain or joint replacement surgery, but at the West Clinic, we have some alternative options that we’ve seen incredible outcomes with.

These treatments make a huge difference in improving patients’ pain and inflammation.

Supplement Considerations Include:

  • CMO (Cetyl Myristoleate)
  • Glucosamine
  • Essential Fatty Acids & Proteolytic Enzymes help eat up inflammation and acts as a natural Ibuprofen.

Prolozone Injections are regenerative joint injections that help rebuild and repair joint tissue.

Here’s Jerry’s story on how these treatments significantly improved his shoulder pain, mobility, and function.

Jerry came into the office over 6 years ago for shoulder pain and arthritis. His other doctor told him “you’ll just have to live with it”

Then he found the West Clinic, after a few treatments his shoulder was feeling significantly better.

Jerry traveled 9 hours to get his treatments and he says his trip was worth every minute.

The West Clinic offers many options to help with pain and inflammation.

How can you be healthy if you have arthritis?

Dr. West’s number one recommendation is to drink more water. You should get at least 60 ounces a day. Water helps to lubricate the joints.

Avoid foods that cause inflammation like refined sugar, simple carbs, and high fructose corn syrup.


  • Turmeric helps reduce inflammation
  • CMO (Cetyl Myristoleate) is like supercharged Glucosamine
  • Collagen Peptides
  • Essential Fatty Acids & Proteolytic Enzymes help eat up inflammation and acts as a natural Ibuprofen.

Epsom salt baths help drive magnesium through the skin

Anti-Aging Joint Therapy: The body is constantly replacing its tissues and cells. There is a renewal cycle happening all the time. Old cells die off and new cells are born.

So, what if people who suffer from arthritis were able to re-grow cartilage fast enough that it could mitigate arthritic degeneration in a few weeks to months?
Relieving pain and degeneration by rebuilding the entire joint from the inside out.

Immune System Support: Fibroblasts proliferate to heal wounds and repair connective tissues resolving inflammation. Your immune system is part of the repair process. If your immune system is compromised it can lead to defects that over time result in poor healing and degenerative changes, pain, and dysfunction.

Reducing inflammation in the immune system can help repair degeneration faster.

In the practice of Prolotherapy, we suggest that the development of degenerative changes occurs when the inflammatory reaction becomes stagnated.
This treatment irritates the joint so that it goes into a state of healing.
Prolozone therapy speeds up the natural renewal of cartilage and connective tissue while delivering nutrients to the affected area and giving the body the building blocks to heal. It’s like delivering plywood, sheetrock, and 2X4’s to build a house. Prolozone gives the body the materials it needs to rebuild and concentrates it in that area.
It also helps to improve ligament stability and stimulates the weakened muscle.

Additional Supplement Information:
Fish oils like salmon oil, krill oil, or Tuna oil act as an anti-inflammatory agent
Ashwagandha, Boswellia, Current Seed oil, and Borage oil help to modulate inflammation.
Chondroitin, Glucosamine, MSM, CMO, and Hyaluronic Acid help to restore joint structures

If you or someone you know is struggling with joint pain or inflammation, Prolozone may be a consideration. Contact the West Clinic to discuss your treatment options.


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