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Supplements During Pregnancy

Hi everyone, Maicie here! 

As most of you probably know I recently gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Mercie Rae. She is just a little over three months old now and oh boy has it been an adventure thus far! I wouldn't trade a single second of it for anything. Motherhood is truly amazing. 

I am writing this blog because I want to give credit where credit is due.

Our team at the West Clinic helped me to have a successful, healthy pregnancy and a strong healthy baby. 

About 3 years ago we decided we wanted to have a family. I had been on birth control before that for over 7 years. I believe this significantly affected my chances of getting pregnant and took quite a while for my body to regulate and be "normal" again. Everything from my emotions, to my periods, to my energy was out of whack. 

At this time, I wasn't on any specific supplements for hormones or pregnancy. I was just following my regular health regimen. But, one year later I found out I was pregnant and we were so excited! I knew I needed to get on a prenatal program right away and Shelby helped me with that.

Unfortunately, the pregnancy was not viable and I miscarried at 10 weeks. There are so many unknown reasons why miscarriages happen and they are so much more common than we realize. One in five women will have a miscarriage at some point during their childbearing years. It's something we don't talk about but we absolutely should. For a long time I thought I needed to keep it a secret, I thought there was something wrong with me or I had done something to cause this. It was something I had to heal from physically and emotionally.  

I believe one of the reasons I had a miscarriage was because my body was not healthy enough to support a pregnancy before I got pregnant. So, I spent the next year focusing on my health, eating right, taking my supplements, reading books, and listening to my body. 

I had almost given up on having another natural pregnancy, then in January of last year I found out I was pregnant again. This time I was so excited but terrified at the same time to have another miscarriage. 

During my pregnancy I took everything that was recommended by Shelby, Dr. J and Dr. Nelson. I was on the Standard Process Prenatal Protocol and then some. Choline was one of the supplements that helped me the most with morning sickness. I barely had any sickness if I took that everyday and ate a little something for breakfast. I also did IV treatments to help keep my body balanced and my immune system boosted. 

The only issues I had during my pregnancy were, of course, extreme fatigue but I was able to push through that most days (B12 injections helped) and some irregularities in blood sugar- but again our amazing team helped me to stay balanced and I did not develop any gestational diabetes. 

When my super baby was finally born I knew all of my healthy habits, hormone balancing and swallowing supplements religiously had paid off. She was healthy! Mercie was born with a ton of hair, a strong set of lungs and she was so strong- she immediately started lifting her head off my chest and rooting to eat just minutes after she was born. 

I feel so blessed to have had a team of experts in natural medicine to help me along my journey of pregnancy and my new baby. I know if I ever have a question or a problem I can trust any one of them to help. 

I've seen the fertility miracles our clinic has helped countless women with and I'm so blessed that they were able to help me as well. So thank you Shelby, Dr. Nelson and Dr. J!

If you are struggling with hormone imbalance, infertility or just overall female health I highly recommend you schedule an appointment to be evaluated by one of our providers. They truly work wonders! 

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