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It has been long journey of experiences and education getting to the West Clinic! Dr. J has given me the opportunity to work with patients on their mind/body connection.

How do I work with patients?  I listen intently to your story, ask what has worked in the past, even if for a brief period of time, and talk to you about a plan. It may include one or more of the therapies at the clinic and even some that you will incorporate into your daily schedule at home. I have been at The West Clinic for over 2 years now and rarely have I seen someone who wouldn't benefit from the amazing therapies we have here. 

Every single human is born with something unique and beautiful inside-it's their inner blueprint. One of the most important things you can do at the West Clinic to enhance your therapies is to work on your mind/body connection and uncover your pure radiance. Your electric body naturally consists of energetic frequencies which can get out of alignment by being exposed to negative factors. Environmental, emotional, and mental influences all play a role in how your frequencies exist in your body. Becoming aware of these elements affecting you on a daily basis is the first step to a higher level of consciousness and wellness. 

Giving patients the tools to move toward growth, even after they leave The West Clinic is the key to our success. Coupled with IV therapies, neural, and acupuncture, wellness elements such as guided meditation, self-hypnosis, Braintap, the AO Scan, Theta Pod, Red light bed, RTMS (rapid transcranial magnetic stimulation) and Human Design move our patients towards unveiling their incandescence.

Using the Dr. David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, patients become mindful of whether they are operating out of shame, guilt, anger, fear, desire, pride, or courage, all the way up the scale to love, peace, joy and enlightenment. Many of us pop in and out of different levels, but there is usually a prevailing mode. It is said that just reading the Scale of Consciousness and the opposite corresponding descriptions raises your awareness. If you are reading this and contemplating coming to the West Clinic, then you are already reaching the level of courage!

One of the first tests we do is the AO Scan (the alpha omega scan). This is a non-invasive bioresonance body analysis measuring frequencies in your body. In just two minutes, the AO provides me with 28 pages of analysis including categories such as blood, gastrointestinal function, nutritional analysis, physical functionality and sensitivities or toxicities. Then, we have the ability to optimize the frequencies and get you headed in the right direction. This measurement and optimization is usually done once a week and gives the patient a record of their improvement. 

-Kelly Wathne

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