Man Beats Parasites, Stomach Problems, and Migraines

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Dr West interviews AD at the West Clinic. After completing his treatment regimen he is feeling so much better. 

AD is a 74 year old man, that makes custom cowboy furniture (western themed) for a living. He has a history of chronic stomach problems and headaches.

He was diagnosed with ameobic dysentery 20 years ago and has never felt right. The stomach issues were giving him migraines, poor sleep, and exhaustion. He tried the medical approach but it did not help him. Finally, he ended up at the West Clinic.

He was treated with immune system boosting IV therapy, black walnut (oral supplement), vermifuge (oral nutritional therapy for parasites), neural therapy and red light therapy.

He made a recovery.

Parasites are a bigger factor than most people believe. If your stomach is workign right, you are not working right. Abdominal symptoms are greatly influenced by the neurotransmitters in our stomachs. There are more nerve factors in our stomach than in our brains.

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