30 Things You Should Know How To Do

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Some Things Everyone needs to Know How to Do! I read this article and was very intrigued. How many do you know?

1. You should know how to start a fire without matches. Seems simple. I watch all those survival shows I bet I could eventually get it going. 

2. Basic Survival skills. We all have some. We survive every day, but what if an apocalypse happened? How many could really last on their own or hunt and gather food for your family?

3. Grow your own vegetables.

4. You should know how to change a tire. Seems simple enough… make sure your spare isn’t flat!

5. You should know how to jump-start a car. Black to black. Red to red. Always hook up the dead battery first. 

6. You should know how to code and build your own website. Seems like I would just send this task to someone else, takes a certain kind of person to be able to understand that mess. 

7. You should know how to think critically and question the status quo. With all this information at our fingertips I agree more than ever we need to think for ourselves, question everything, and be critical of the media.

8. You need to know how to perform CPR. 4 out of 5 cardiac arrests occur at home!

9. Manage your time. 

10. Remember peoples’ names. This is the single most important thing you can possibly do when you meet someone new. 

11. Give a toast in a crowd.

12. You should know how to negotiate. This might save you a ton of money.

13. You should know how to detect a lie. Did you know 91 percent of humans lie on a regular basis? Food for thought. 

14. You should know when it is time to shut up and listen. Definitely will improve your relationship. 

15. Know how to defend yourself against single and multiple assailants. 

16. You definitely should know how to use a credit card correctly. It’s not cash…..

17. Know how to invest in the stock market

18. Speak two languages besides English. Did you know 75% of the world does not speak English?

19. Know how to make money without a job. 

20. Know how to sew.

21. You should know how to buy a car without getting ripped off. 

22. You need to know how to be happy.

23. You should know how to have a single conversation with someone of any age. 

24. Drive a manual car. One of those cars that you must use that stick with the ball on it. 

25. Know how to say, “I’m Sorry” and “I was wrong”.

26. You should know the basics of how to repair your car. YouTube….Where I learn almost everything. 

27. Control your temper.

28. Parallel Park. Honestly, I did it in drivers ed that’s about it. 

29. You should know how to give a compliment. Makes people feel special. 

30. Know the correct way to respond to criticism. Helps to avoid looking defensive, unprepared, and immature. 

Some interesting food for thought. 

I feel like I do know most of them. How about you?


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