It doesn’t matter where you fit in healthcare, you’re hurting

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It doesn’t matter where you fit in healthcare, you’re hurting

Patient, family member, health care provider, support staff - maybe not big Pharma or hospital owners - but everyone else. 

I attended my son Carters graduation at Southern California University of Health Sciences at the LA Coliseum on Friday.  He received his Master’s Degree in Medical Sciences.  Yes, proud dad moment. 

The last time I was there was in 1987 at the Super Motocross with my Uncle John (deceased).  So, a little bit of a bitter sweet memory, but so happy to support my son.  Perhaps one day he will join me in practice?  

I listened to the SCU President, Dr John Scarringe, talk about the problems in health care.  The system is broken and everyone is upset and pointing fingers.  What was striking was the realization to me that it doesn’t matter where you are on the spectrum, you are hurting.  

Why are patient’s hurting? Confused, expensive, lack of choice, and don’t know their options.  You have to be a doctor to know which doctor to go to (the specialist game).

The care many people want to receive - a combination of alternative and traditional medicine is not covered by insurance.  The glimpse of the integrative/alternative health care covered by insurance plans is poor, so most people have to pay out of pocket. 

Why are providers hurting?  Because they are forced to treat insurance companies and not patients.  If they get out of the system, it’s only to a select few and the loop of “why isn’t this covered” or “do you take insurance?” is not a fun discussion.  I wish it was different and that insurance companies paid for the best outcome, not dominated by prescriptions and surgical interventions.  

Employers can’t afford to offer benefits. It’s the biggest line item increase every year.  The system isn’t sustainable.  Without benefits, employers can’t attract employees and keep them in good health.

Until a better system is realized the answer is to be as healthy as possible so you don’t need the system.  Myself included.  Eat healthy and alive food.  Drink lots of water and pass on liquid calories.  Try go to bed on time and exercise regularly, not only your physical body but also you brain.  

The system has avoided telling people what they should - doctor means teacher.  Teach people to be healthy; follow the rules of health and do your best to “BE” instead of living in the past or in the future.   

-Dr. Jason West

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