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Increase Male Libido

One of the most frequently asked questions for doctors is, "What can I do for my hormones?"  

For men, the best place to start is to determine if they have healthy blood.  If the blood is healthy, then the man is usually healthy.  If the blood is "sick" then the man often has erectile dysfunction.  It's not always that simple, but it is not always an easy topic to discuss because there are a lot of variables. Let’s talk about where we get the best outcomes and the most benefits.

There are two reason we have problems with sex drive. The first is a hormone imbalance and the second is we don’t have healthy blood.   Here’s the secret: Fat soluble chlorophyll, which is vitamins A, D, E, and K. It helps to purify the blood so that you can increase and improve sex drive.  

The other thing is to give the body hormone precursors but NOT hormones.  I don't see positive responses to testosterone, but perhaps that's because if it is working, the patient isn't telling me about it.  Besides, when you give the body hormones, the body doesn't feel like it needs to make hormones and it becomes reliant on the hormones being given, and the gland stops working.  Instead, I recommend using hormone precursors.  That is the building blocks so that the body can make the hormones.  It's like giving a construction crew 2x4's, plywood and sheet rock so that the the crew can make a house.  

The other thing you can do is an herb called Tillandsia. Tillandsia provides necessary sex hormone precursors that are really effective on male libido without the side effects of traditional prescriptions for Erectile Dysfunction. I recommend Gladiator from POTC or Symplex M from Standard Process to support normal testosterone production, erectile function and desire.

There are other reasons we would need to investigate further, but this is an excellent start. If you’re interested in a more in-depth approach, fill out this form or call my office at 208-232-3216.

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