How Did I Get Here?

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How did I get here… 

Some of you have heard the story of how I became a part of the clinic and mostly the IV room. I started out being Dr. J’s assistant. We were crazy busy in the IV room and needed help. You all probably know I love to learn and push myself to do something I’m not good at and become better at it than I thought. Lol.  

This is how it began... I asked Dr. J what I could do to make this place run smoothly. Could I do some blood draws? Could I learn to do an IV or two? How can I help? He said yes! Go draw some labs. I remember being nervous, but eager to learn. I began doing more and more, until I couldn’t find myself anywhere but there (in the IV room), being intrigued about what was going on and what people were experiencing.  

I eventually found myself doing it all by myself with not much help. I would try someone hard to stick and come to Dr. J to ask for help, after I had missed once. I remember taking the long walk to his office, with my head down, asking him to come start someone for me. To my surprise he would point to the door and tell me "Go Back and Try Again." Then, I felt like he was giving me a hard time, but I now know he shaped me to be who I am. I give all the credit to my boss, who had the faith in me to send me back and try again. He was a great teacher. He saw the potential I had, if I had the confidence. 

We joke now about it and laugh. But I look up to him all the time. I am shocked I have worked here for so long, but grateful for all the opportunities I have been given.  

Here's to many more years.



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