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Hey everyone, Tori here!

I thought it would be a good time to write about food!

I absolutely love to cook. I cook all sorts of things! My grandma Lowder was an amazing cook, she taught my mom how to cook and my mom taught me. My mom and I still love cooking together! My grandma has passed, but we love making her recipes while reminiscing about her!

Food is such an important thing in life! It helps you with your health, or it can be detrimental to your health. In my family, we eat home-cooked meals that are from our home-grown beef and gardens. Ever since my son was born, I instilled into him how important a well-balanced diet is. It’s funny because even to this day he doesn’t like candy or sweet treats and prefers veggies, it always amazes people when they offer a sucker to him or any kind of candy and he turns it down and will say things like, do you have peppers instead? Haha! If he does eat a sweet (which is rare) it usually makes him sick and throw up, so he doesn’t eat it often. I'm so proud of the good eater that he is! 

I often tend to make meals big enough that I can have leftovers with so my hubby can take them for lunch the next day. That way I know he’s getting all the nutrients he needs while he’s busy as work!

I don’t know if you have ever felt this way, but anytime I eat something that is not the greatest for you like sweets or greasy food, I get that horrible bloated, too full feeling. Anytime I eat something greasy it always makes me feel nauseous. So, I tend to steer clear of bad foods, that way I don’t get sick! 

 I really do think a good diet is absolutely essential in having good health! I know it has helped me!

Thanks for reading, I’ll catch you next time friends!

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