Hidden Obstacles That Prevent Healing: Interference Fields


Today’s segment is about reasons why we get sick, barriers to healing, and interference fields that block healing. This is information you won’t find anywhere else. 

If you are sick and not healing as quickly as you’d like or feel you are stuck or plateaued, you need to hear this. 

These therapies have helped us treat conditions like Raynaud’s, failure to thrive, fibromyalgia, arthritis, Lyme disease chronic infection, autoimmune, and so much more. 

Reasons why we get sick: Health is all about balance. When the body becomes imbalanced it allows illness to take over. So how do we stay in balance? 

  1. Lifestyle choices 
  2. Stress management
  3. Genetic expression 
  4. Overreliance on magic bullet treatments 


Magic bullet treatments: The false idea that a medication or procedure will change the problem even if we don’t change our lifestyle. The truth is no matter what fix you find, unless you change your lifestyle the problem will come back. 

Treating interference fields is so important when it comes to treating chronic diseases. 

Nerve memory: Your mind knows what it’s like to be healthy and wants to be healthy but your nervous system is stuck and thinks the body was meant to be sick. 


Energy is a huge part of health. The body needs energy to function, heal, and repair. When you have an energy deficit the body cannot function optimally. Then we reach for energy “crutches” that ultimately deplete energy even more, like caffeine, sugar, stress, drama, etc. 


Interference Fields: 

  • Nerve memory reset- neural therapy 
  • Releasing trapped trauma 
  • Liberating negative energy 
  • Reducing nerve inflammation from infection 


Negative nerve memories can be hard on your physical, mental, and emotional health. 

If your body was a computer, nerve therapy would be like turning off the system and turning it back on again. It is a reboot for the system. When we do this, the nerves hyperpolarize, de-polarize, and reset. 

This is so helpful for problems like reactive arthritis, chronic pain problems, infections, post-herpetic neuralgia, phantom limb syndrome, phantom gallbladder syndrome 

There is a way to reset muscles, organs, and nerves that control the organs. 

Traditional medicine often treats nerve memory or nerve pain with nerve blockers. But we believe treating the interference fields is a better way. 


It’s all about giving the body the environment it needs to thrive, with balance, nutrients, and healing. 


Here’s what you can do if you’re not feeling right or if you don’t have a clear medical pathway forward or if you’ve tried treatments that have not been responsive. 

  1. Take control and put your body on a schedule.
  2. Movement is life. Our bodies are made to move. Commit to some type of moderate movement and exercise. 
  3. Have a consistent stress outlet. 
  4. Drink healthy amounts of water 
  5. Eat healthy and alive food that is close to the Earth. Avoid processed ad refined foods. 
  6. Cover all your bases with a multivitamin and multi-mineral complex like the SuperHero Essentials Pack. 
  7. Reset interference fields and remove barriers to healing- scar therapy, trauma, old injuries, segmental therapy for organs, and release of negative energy. 
  8. Call our office to discuss options for advanced therapies like IV vitamin infusion, neural therapy, regenerative injections, and oxidative medicine. 




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