Healthy Herbs

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Health Herbs

Herbs have powerful healing capabilities and many health benefits. 

When you incorporate herbs into your diet the health benefits are incredible. There are so many ways you can use herbs to benefit your health. Use them in cooking, take them as supplements garnish dishes with herbs, juice them, or use essential oils. 

Here are a few of our favorite plants, herbs, and spices. 

Fenugreek: helps with mucus and congestion, helps clear the sinuses, improves gallbladder conditions and thins bile, and helps increase milk production in lactation (needs to be taken with a lot of water). Fenugreek can be taken in pill form. 
Rosemary: Aids mental concentration, increases focus and helps balance blood sugar. 
Cinnamon: Balances blood sugar and helps fight off parasites. 
Basil: Helps regulate blood pressure and reduces stress and anxiety. The fresher it is, the healthier it is for your system. 
Dill: Reduces the risk factors for heart disease, helps regulate blood pressure, and reduces bad breath.
Garlic: Immune system support, reduced blood sugar, helps prevent artery hardening. 
Ginger: Helps an upset stomach and aids digestion. 
Lavender: Reduces anxiety, improves sleep, helps with irritability and stress, and helps people relax. 
Lemon Balm: Promotes sleep and calmness, pain reducer, helps bug bites and itchiness.
Oregano: Fights viruses, parasites, and toenail fungus.
Sage: Helps bronchitis and asthma, elevates mood, and increases alertness. 
Thyme: Has healing powers that boost immunity, soothes coughing, and prevents bacterial infections. 

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