Are You Having Any Fun?

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Get outdoors to improve health

Seems like we are always talking about health related subjects; take this, don't eat that, get more sleep, etc. But sometimes we forget some of the more important points. 


I have found that I really like the new craze of Overlanding. Now just so you put this into perspective. In the old days we called it car camping. 

We would load up the two-wheel drive station wagon, load up the old Coleman canvas umberella tent, the white gas stove, lantern, and all the quilts you could find. We'd grab the pots and pans (usually cast iron). We'd hope the old cooler would keep the food cold overnight and we would head to the hills. 

Now it's a whole new deal... There are million dollar Earth Roamer campers, $80,000 dollar plus trucks, roof top tents, solar everything- hot water, shower systems, composting toilets, everything you ever wanted in your vehicle, including the kitchen sink. They even have forced air heating and cooling for your camper or tent. Every kind of suspension product to make your truck ride like a Cadillac over four-wheel drive roads. 

We have GPS systems, satellite phones, and phones that you can hit a button and it will initiate a search and rescue. 

There is every type of clothing to keep us dry and warm or cool and comfortable in any weather condition. The list goes on and on... 

Now with all this going on and everyone trying to "keep up with the Jones" getting the newest and greatest, I wonder, are we having any fun yet? 

So what I am trying to say is keep it simple and do what works for you. Don't get caught up in trying to have it all, just get out and enjoy nature. 

Now I have upgraded some of my camping stuff from what we used as a kid. I still enjoy sleeping in a tent, cooking over a fire and remembering myself, when I come home I'll have a hot shower and a king size bed to climb into, thinking of just how much fun I had. 

-Dr. Nelson

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