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Finding Your Self Worth

With this month being Valentines, we talk a lot about love and what it means to respect and love others. But what about respecting and loving ourselves?

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~BUDDHA 


It’s never too late to be exactly who you are. Just be who you are because when you do, you will SHINE bright and beautiful, a beacon of light and hope in the world. Kick your EGO to the curb. The you that needs permission, that wants to be admired and adored, that’s your EGO. It’s not your soul. Your Soul is Perfect and Pure because it’s a spark of creation. LET GO OF YOUR EGO! It is holding you back. It makes you miserable because your Ego comes from a place of lack.  

Your soul is already abundant. Look beyond your ego to a place of perfection that already exists inside you and feed that because then YOU WILL BE TRULY HAPPY!  Every day is an opportunity to be the best person you can be, to love yourself and everyone around you on a deeper level, to welcome love in all its forms into your life, to take care of yourself, to respect yourself more and to trust and believe that you are a good person. 

To find your purpose, you first have to come in alignment with who you are. You need to completely love and accept yourself by embracing your authenticity.  Unlearn all the old beliefs rooted in fear and lack of self-love that make you feel like you’re not whole. You’re worthy of everything as you are, you just must accept yourself first. 

When you realize your worth, you start doing everything for fulfillment, not validation.  You naturally start aligning with your purpose by simply following your heart, you start doing whatever excites you.  Your purpose is something beyond your ego, you can only live for purpose when you let the spirit flow through you.  Your purpose is all about serving others through your unique craft and you can only serve others when you are selfless.  


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