Find Your Tribe!

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"Find Your Tribe!"
This quote is hanging in my office and I find myself smiling at it frequently, thinking how grateful I am to know my TRIBE!
Find your tribe…. You know, the ones that make you feel the most YOU….
The ones that lift you up and help you remember who you really are.
The ones that remind you that a blip in the road is just that, a blip. Not to mistake it for an earthquake. And even if were an earthquake, they’d be there with an Emergency Earthquake Supply Kit.
They are the ones that even when you walk out of the room, they make you feel like a better person than when you walked in.
They are the ones that even if you don’t see them face to face as often as you’d like, you see them heart to heart.
You know, that kind of tribe.
As the holidays come to a close and we are in January, what a great time for all of us to reflect on our tribe! How incredible whomever they may be, how lucky you are to have such wonderful people in your world.
Some tribes are large, some are small, but it’s all about how you feel when you’re around these individuals… Not only in person but in spirit. Some of my most important tribe members are my loved ones and friends that have passed. The feeling I get when I think of the memories of them, and all the times they supplied an Emergency Supply Kit in my life, that makes me feel as if they are still with me… heart to heart.
As the new year begins may you all Find Your Tribe and if you already have, take time to reflect on what each and every one of them bring to your life.
I know I have found mine.
Everyone gets their own trip around the sun. Make it worth every minute of the sunshine!

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