Chronic Pain Relief

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Chronic Pain Relief

Here are three testimonials of patients who had been suffering from chronic pain. These treatments were an alternative to surgery. 


Jerry Ryan had 15 years of knee pain. It got to the point that he could not sleep at night. Jerry worked in construction and agriculture so his knees had gone through years of wear and tear. The pain relievers he was taking stopped working. He made the decision to come to The West Clinic. A series of Ozone injections for his knees helped. He has been able to sleep better ever since. He again can enjoy hunting, hiking, and even working without being in constant pain. 


George Frost fractured vertebrae in his back in a snow mobile accident.  After the accident he tried steroid injections, but they did not work. He couldn't sleep at night or move right. When he started getting Prolozone injections it helped him to feel better right away. 


Randy Rolfe slipped and fell off a flight of steps. He didn't think he was hurt badly immediately after the fall. But as time went on he began to getting shooting pain down leg. One of the medical doctors gave him prednisone but still he couldn't sleep for weeks couldn’t lay flat, stand, walk, or sit for very long periods of time. Randy was given a surgical option to repair his damaged discs and vertebrae but the odds were not that great. He went to multiple doctors, tried cortisone injections which only helped for a time period and were not a permanent solution. When he finally found The West Clinic he got relief. Prolozone therapy has helped Randy get his life back with no negative side affects. He has no pain down leg and can function on a daily basis again.


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One of the biggest failures of the medical community is failing to look at the root cause of what is going on in the body.  When we get sick, experience pain, or feel unwell, it is usually an indication something is out of balance.  Are you ready to STOP the cycle?  

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