Chronic Disease- How to Beat it

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Now, how I describe neural therapy to patients in the office, is it is kind of like a nerve memory or nerve dysfunction reboot system.  Your nervous system has an amazing memory, and we never talk about this in the traditional medicine, and in most alternative medicines circles, we never talk about nerve memory. Let me give you an example, if you walk into your home and your spouse, or your mom, or your children are making your favorite thing to eat, and you walk in and you are like, “Wow, that smells so good”, and then about 30-45 seconds later, your body doesn’t recognize the stimuli anymore, and so what happens is you don’t have that same smell.  Then you forget about something.  You go out, get something in your car, you take your garbage out, you take your dog on a walk, and you come back into your home, and “Wow, that smells so good.”  What is happening is, is that stimuli is coming in and your body is saying, “Hey, this is a new stimuli.”  Now, another example of how your body can get used to things, or how it can categorize things differently, is through something called phantom limb syndrome.  Now, what is phantom limb syndrome?  What happens, I have a lot of ranchers and rodeo guys that come into the office, and one of them will come in and he will have a rope caught around the finger and the horse or the cow will take off and it will pull their finger off, and they will say, “Dr. West, my finger is killing me!” Or sometimes it will happen in diabetics or in an industrial accident, where they will have some type of accidental amputation, and will say, “My foot is killing me”, even though their foot isn’t there.  The nerve is telling the brain that there is still the stimuli, or there is still this pain pattern.  Now, if your body was a computer and you called tech support, and you said, “My body isn’t working right, or my computer isn’t working right”, tech support would say, “Well, turn everything off and turn it back on.”  You can reboot the system.  What that does, is it helps the operating system to work better.  It gets rid of some lagging programs and some memory problems inside the computer, and I jokingly tease people, look I can’t really kill you and bring you back to life, but there is a way to reboot the nerves that control pain patterns and control organ function, and that’s what neural therapy is.  Now, neural therapy was pioneered in the 1920s and 1930s by Dr. Huneke, and it was written about in a German textbook called the Manual of Neural Therapy.  It is this amazing Bible that we follow in the office.  A matter of fact, my book is falling apart.  I use it so much, because I think it’s helped me be a lot better doctor. 

Now, what neural therapy is, is treatment of the nervous system, and specifically addressing those nerve memory problems associated with chronic disease patterns. So, if you had a rash, or if you had a surgery, or you have had some type of irritation to the outside armor of your body, or the skin, it can setup what is called an interference field.  This is one of the reasons why I think scar therapy is so important.  If you have scars anywhere on your body, it is really important for those to get treated.  I have had some amazing patient outcomes just treating scars.  Let me give you an example, I had one patient who had come into the office who had six lumbar back surgeries for chronic low back pain, and none of them have helped.  She tried physical therapy.  She tried acupuncture.  She had tried chiropractic therapy.  She had tried being active.  She was just in miserable pain.  We have done everything that we could think of in the office, and one day out of desperation, I said to her, “Now, tell me about when your pain started”, and she said, “Well, it started after I got a lipoma removed.”  A lipoma is basically a benign fatty accumulation.  They did a little surgical incision on two spots on her back.  I said, “Where does it hurt?”  She pointed to those scars.  We treated the scars, and all of her pain patterns went away.  It was an amazing experience that scars create interference fields, and any of those chronic areas where you are having disease, and it can setup a nerve memory, and then your body accepts that for being normal.  If you reset that with neural therapy, you can get some amazing outcomes.  Now, here is what you do with neural therapy.  Take a real small syringe, a little tiny dental needle, and you inject either the scar areas or the areas above the organ that is not functioning right.  So, you can do this for kidney problems.  You can do this for heart problems.  You can do this for chronic pain problems.  It feels like little bee stings.  It is an annoying treatment.  The medicine that you use, is a glycolyzed ester of para-aminobenzoic acid, which is a huge mouthful.  But really what it is, is it is an amazing medicine called procaine.  What procaine does, in the right application, is it makes your nerves that control the organs and the tissues open, which we call hyperpolarization, closed - depolarization, and then normalized what we call repolarization.  So, you can actually reset the nerves for headaches, for chronic regional pain syndrome, for sciatica, for carpal tunnel, for liver problems, and for stomach problems. 

We have got hundreds of patient testimonials where we use the application of neural therapy to help resolve chronic problems.  Now, when you do that and you change lifestyle, you put good building blocks in the system, you get your body on a schedule, and you get good oxygen, and you get enough water into your system, you can take healthcare conditions that didn’t have any medical options, and were out of hope or out of time, basically the patient is at their wits end, and you can get those patients to turn around.  Those are most of the people that we see in the office.  We just don’t have any other medical options, or we have exhausted everything, or we are tired of the prescriptions, or we don’t want to do the surgery, and this is a wonderful therapy if you have any of those conditions. 

So, neural therapy is a way to reset the nervous tissue.  It has been doing about a hundred years in Germany.  It is just starting to come to America.  More and more people are doing it.  It is one of the neatest treatments that I have seen in my office. 

Neural therapy is one of my favorite things that help people with chronic healthcare conditions, chronic nerve pain, and hormone balance. 


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