Healing from Chronic Arthritis

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Carmen:  I had been encouraged several times by friends and my family to come, but I, of course, was a nonbeliever.


Dr. West:  Hey guys. Dr. J here on A Daily Dose Vitamin H. We are talking about some really neat patient outcomes that we have had. Today we are here with Carmen. Carmen came a couple of months ago to the office, was not feeling very good. Carmen, what was wrong?


Carmen: My back. I have osteoarthritis in my back and my knuckles. I had been encouraged several times by friends and my family to come, but I, of course, was a nonbeliever. But I believe now.


Dr. West:  Okay. So Carmen, what did we do to put your body back together?


Carmen:  I received injections, and I also had I.V.s.


Dr. West: So, you had some vitamin infusions and some vitamin injections. It is way different than the normal injection therapy that they do with the cortisone and steroids. This is actually a vitamin injection therapy. Where did we work?


Carmen:  You worked on my knuckles and you worked on my lower back.


Dr. West:  And how do you feel now?


Carmen:  Wonderful. I feel great. Oh yes, yes. I can sleep now.


Dr. West:  And would you recommend to anybody else to do the treatment?


Carmen: Everybody.


Dr. West:  So, Carmen sends a lot of people to the office. She is really special to us. We are getting ready to probably go through the winter, I think…


Carmen:   Yes.


Dr. West:  …without having to do anything because she is doing so well. So Carmen, it has been really fun to be a part of this case. Thank you for traveling so far to the office. It is what – six, seven hours?


Carmen:  About five and a half.


Dr. West:  Five and a half hours from where she lives to our office, but it is worth it.


Injections for Arthritis – Carmen Didn’t Believe This Would Work for Her Back Osteoarthritis: Page 2


Carmen: Very worth it. I would recommend it for anyone that is in pain.


Dr. West:  Carmen, is it okay to put on social media?


Carmen:  You bet.


Dr. West:  Alright. Fantastic. This is Dr. J signing out on A Daily Dose of Vitamin H.

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