How to get bones to heal . . . . . . faster

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What is a bone frature?  When you break a bone, healthcare providers call it a bone fracture. This break changes the shape of the bone. These breaks may happen straight across a bone or along its length. A fracture can split a bone in two or leave it in several pieces.

So, you have a broken bone, now what? 

Well, there are certain things you can do to help fracture to heal.  

  • Take a soft calcium (calcium lactate is the best)
  • Take Vitamin D3 - this picks up calcium from the stomach and puts the calcium in the blood stream. 
  • Take Vitamin F - betcha most of you don't know about vitamin F.  Vitamin F is essential fatty acids that take calcium out of the blood stream and put it in the bones. 
  • Vitamin K - this helps activate calcium into the bones.
  • Manganese - is often confused with magnesium.  Manganese is vital for ligament health.  Ligaments stabilize joints.  Often forgotten, it's essential in athletic fractures. 

Also, to aid the body healing, we add protomorophogen therapy specifically for bone health.  

The Protomorphogen

The hallmark of the West Clinic treatment system is its glandular supplements, especially the protomorphogen (PMG).  So what is PMG therapy?  It was invented or discovered by Dr Royal Lee in the 1920s: A protomorphogen (PMG) is that component of the cell chromosome that is responsible for morphogenetic determination of cell characteristics. It is the smallest unit of the cell blueprint assembly. It is the smallest unit of the gene system that guides the cell into its hereditary form as it grows, develops or repairs itself. Without sufficient protomorphogen in its chromatin, the cell degenerates, de-differentiates, becomes senile and dies. The protomorphogen level in the cell is regulated by the fact that, while normally more  is constantly being created by the cell nucleus, it is antigenic and promotes the formation of antibodies (in the mammalian organism) which in tum controls the level of extra cellular protomorphogen in blood and lymphatic system.

Proteorphogen therapy are not drugs. They are composed of the mineral fractions of animal tissue which is found associated in  the  protein molecule. Nutritionally this would be considered in the category of meat extracts. No food products are subject to, or restricted by the Experimental Drug Law.

Extracted from another section of this manuscript: It may be assumed that this specific growth factor (the cellular blueprint known as protomorphogens (PMG) that are constantly being secreted by each cell into its surrounding fluids) are prevented from traveling very far by the influence of the specific antibodies, known as natural tissue antibodies (NTA). They must be destroyed, if allowed to build up in any concentration; they would promote cell growth and mitosis. Only if any specific organ becomes subject to overwork and consequent inflammation in some degree does this occur. A kidney doubles in size in six months after its partner has been removed, just as muscles grow if sufficient demand is made on their ability.

Where disease has damaged an organ such as tuberculosis in the case of lungs, or where the heart has hypertrophied by overwork, the ingestion of heart or lung PMG, as the case may be, may at first create adverse reactions of a toxic nature (malaise, tiredness), apparently by a reason of the immediate proteolytic destruction of the ingested PMG by antibodies in the blood stream, that are present in higher amounts than normal, by reason of the long-standing inflammation of the specific organ.

Other factors that assist in controlling natural tissue antibodies are allantoin, betaine, (probably be a depolymerizing affect), and the hormones of the gonads, thyroid, thymus and adrenal. Thymus acts by promoting colloidal dispersion that physiologically opposes cortisone, which flocculates antigens into particulate dimensions that permit their ingestion by phagocytes (and then antibody formation.) The thymus during the development age prevents this and keeps PMG's available for growth stimulation and ultimate enzyme digestion and renal elimination.

Thyroid hormones split PMG's off the chromatin reserve of the cell, or from absorbed stores in connective tissue. That is  why thyroxin accelerates tadpole metamorphosis. It is also the reason why thyroxin increases the metabolic rate.  The released PMG stimulates cell activities.

There is a protomorphogen therapy for bones called Ostrophin PMG.  


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