Acupuncture and Energy Medicine

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When we deal with chronic and degenerative diseases, with patients that have been sick sometimes for years of their lives, we need to have a broader view of the cause or source of the sickness.

The discussion of treatment options should include the benefits of acupuncture or energy medicine.

When describing energy medicine, I like to explain it as the kidneys being the battery of the body and producing the required electrical input to keep everything running.

When the battery is at full charge, the car will start, and the lights, radio, heater, windows, and blinkers will all work properly. If the alternator is not keeping up with the charge depletion, things work slower. The windows roll up slower, the starter will struggle to turn over, and the lights will be dim. In the short term, the car still runs, just not as well. If this continues the batteries become even weaker. Eventually, the car will not start at all.

Even though the car is in perfect condition with no power, it is worthless. Not having enough power can make all the difference.

Our bodies rely on the electrical system in the cells and nerves. If we get disruption or weakness over time, the function of the systems starts to break down, giving us a chronic or degenerative condition.

Sometimes just recharging the “batteries” will get the system functioning again.

A discussion of energy medicine or acupuncture is a necessary part of the treatment process.

When using acupuncture as part of the treatment process, there are very few disclaimers or warnings related to the treatment.

The possibility of infection from a needle is very rare. In my practice of 42 years of doing acupuncture, I have not had a single case of infection. Using common sense and ensuring the area is clean will mitigate the possibility of infection.

Can a needle break? I have not seen it. It is possible, but the odds are rare.

Can you get a bruise or hematoma from a needle? Yes, that does happen. As the needle is inserted, it may break a small capillary that will bleed and form a bruise. This will usually self-resolve in a few days to a week. Some acupuncture treatments actually promote bleeding to release congestion and stagnation of blood which promotes healing and circulation.

Does it hurt? The needles are small in diameter and do not have a cutting point like a hypodermic needle. Sometimes you may feel a prick, but most of the time patients don’t feel the needle stick at all. On a few occasions, you may feel an electrical sensation.

In general, acupuncture treatment is a safe and effective way to treat all kinds of injuries and conditions.

Over the years, acupuncture has been one of my go-to treatment protocols for almost any condition.

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