Acne is a problem everyone faces at some point in their lives. It occurs most often during the teenage years though, because there are major hormonal changes happening within the body during puberty. This common fact, though, is a key insight to the causes of adult and ongoing chronic acne problems. Many people mistakenly believe that things such as chocolate will cause acne.

Yes, some people will break out more when they’ve eaten too much chocolate, but for most this is not the case. The real culprit is what the chocolate usually indicates about a person’s lifestyle choices.

If someone eats too much chocolate, then it’s very likely they have poor nutritional habits in general. Poor nutrition is one of the major contributing factors to acne problems. There are three primary causes for acne flare ups and ongoing acne problems throughout an adult’s life.

  1. Hormones. As mentioned already, the wide fluctuation of hormonal changes and imbalances in teenagers tends to be the primary cause of acne during those years. Hormonal problems can also cause acne related problems in adults too. General hormone imbalance is often the problem, and this can be caused by a variety of lifestyle or environmental factors, as well as certain medications too.
  2. Nutrition. Nutritional deficiencies are another common cause of acne problems, and this is where the myth about eating chocolate comes into play. Most people who eat a lot of chocolate also tend to eat a lot of junk food in general, while eating little to no healthy foods.Most people who have poor eating habits also don’t get enough fiber in their diet, because they eat little to no fruits or vegetables each day, and this lack of dietary fiber contributes to the next issue…
  3. Toxic waste. When we don’t get enough fiber into our diets each day, the solid waste material in our body starts to stagnate within the colon. As the material sits around unable to move through and out, it slowly starts leaking the toxins and poisons it contains back into the rest of the body through the colon walls. When this happens, the body responds by trying to get rid of the toxins another way: through the skin.

Making simple changes to our lifestyles, such as drinking more water each day and eating more fiber, can help cleanse our body of the solid waste material that has been stagnating inside us. Once we’ve cleansed that material, the other organs in our bodies are able to start moving the back-logged toxins out. All of these combined works to help clear up even the worst acne skin problems.

Dr. West’s Acne Recommendations:

  1. Eat natural food
  2. Drink lots of “water.”
  3. Go to bed and get up same time EVERY day – getting adequate rest.
  4. I have had good clinical experience with these medicines:

*If hormonal involvement – worse around menses

Pituitrophin PMG helps enormously

*severe cases – use a special ordered German Medication “Acne Stauffen Pharma”

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