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Health Tips from Dr. Nelson

I was thinking about all the people that come in and ask "What can I do to keep from getting Covid?"

It surprises me that we as a culture have not learned from our past.

What would my grandma say? And my generation, what are we saying as the new grandparents? I remember my grandma saying if you go outside and it was cold, cover up. Put on your hat and gloves and boots. Stay dry. If you get wet come in and get dry... don't get chilled.

Feed a cold and starve a fever... or was it the other way around?

Get enough sleep.

Early to bed and early to rise. 

Eat a good breakfast and lunch, easy on the dinner (bread and milk with a little honey) 

Go outside and play. It's a nice day. 

My parents also pushed the same ideas. Sometimes not as strict, as we were given a little more latitude. Each generation seems to be less and less strict. Now you see parents with babies with almost nothing on while the parents have coats on...

I catch myself asking my grandkids "Where are your coats, it's cold outside, do you want to get sick?" Their usual response is "It's not cold" or "I'm not cold" My response as the old guy is "I don't care. Go get your coat on!" I am the mean grandpa and also the one that has to work on them when they are sick. 

As a society we rely on the emergency room, doctors, drugs and over the counter meds to help us when we get sick. But what about doing something to keep us from getting sick in the first place. Like our grandparents of the 40's and 50's that couldn't run to the doctor for everything. 

So here are some of my lessons learned.

Get some rest, 7-8 hours, the old early to bed thing. 

Cover up your body to keep from getting cold or chilled. As a parent, if it's cold for you it's cold for your children. 

Drink plenty of water. 

I haven't decided on the starve a fever thing, I seem to like to eat. 

Take your Muti-vitamins and Minerals, Vitamin D, Fish Oil (there was a reason they gave you cod liver oil when you were sick) Immune support and Zinc. 

Play outside and get some fresh air and exercise. 

Good advice for all of us.

-Dr. Scott Nelson



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