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Every day people ask me, “Dr. West, what supplements should I take? Which supplements work? What dosage should I be taking of vitamin D, fish oil, and vitamin C?” Are there supplements for anxiety, depression, arthritis, hormone balance, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, and brain health? We help people beat their diseases. Every day. People. Just. Like. You. Don’t be confused with supplements any longer.

Let me get you the information to make educated decisions on supplements - what I call medical nutritional therapy. I’ll share with you what has been working in my clinical practice that has created the incredible patient outcomes you'll see on our video and Facebook platform. You see, I’m tackling this subject head-on. It’s confusing and frankly, there’s some junk on the market - sometimes when I look at the bottle of what people are taking, I feel like saying, throw away the pills and eat the bottle - at least you might get some fiber. Many people in the US take one or more vitamins - they might add minerals, herbs, botanicals, amino acids, enzymes, pre-workout, post-workout, capsules, gummies, powders, or energy bars.

Some are popular like Vitamin D3, B12, and calcium and some are less well-known like astaxanthin, yakitron, tongkat, cetylmyristoleate; well, you get the idea. So, Friday at noon PT, I'm going to share with you supplements that work; ones to avoid and if you feel fine - maybe there is some prevention that you just don’t know about. I mean based on the amount of pollution, acceptable contamination, chemicals in food, and thoughtless exposure to other people's ailments, maybe everyone should be taking ideal supplements.

So that’s the show - Supplement Simplification with America’s Healer on Voice America radio. Not only am I going to share with you which supplements help which diseases; you can even call in and ask me questions.

There’s a free resource ebook you can get from my website It’s not just me saying it, you’ll meet people that were out of hope; out of time; and out of options, but are now leading normal, healthy lives. So, come with me on a fun journey to discover how to live your best life.

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