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Thursday morning - stress management activity Dr. J and Dr. Nelson. Stress is not a disease but it's a risk factor for about everything and makes symptoms worse. Practice what we preach!!!

Throwing lead at paper and I don't mean pencil writing. Nope, we put stickes on paper plates and had a great time. For me, there is pure joy of placing a tiny piece of metal moving at 1,500 feet per second exactly where you’re aiming; this boost my self-confidence.

Dr Nelson - He's no slouch. Zombies be aware

Dr West - he's a 2x winner of the Front Sight 2x Steel Shootout winner

I believe there are 5 therapeutic benefits for shooting at the gun range:

  1. Improves self confidence. This activity is a perishable skill. If you don't use it, you loose it. According to Mayo Clinic, high self-esteem will positively affect your relationships, work, and the ability to constructively take feedback—all of which have the potential to cause stress. Improving your confidence goes a long way with higher self-esteem and taking stressful situations in stride.
  2. Increases hand eye coordination. One of the more impressive traits we’ve been gifted through countless generations of our ancestors is hand-eye coordination. Our ability to focus on something and have our brains instruct our hands and fingers to perform complex tasks is incredible, especially at the highest levels.
  3. Increases social interaction. We both enjoy this activity.
  4. Changes of scenery - It's nice to switch things up.
  5. Improtant to have fun - Having fun and the concept of play is hugely important to achieving a healthy mental state and arriving at balance in your life. No matter how busy you get, you need to carve out some time for you to do what makes you experience joy and gets those happy brain chemicals flowing.

(Shelby missed the text) at Oregon Trail Gun Range. She's going with us next time - sure is talking a lot about how good she is . . . Guess next time she read her texts - ha ha ha ha


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