The Best Supplements for Arthritis

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Supplements for Arthritis

The Best Supplements for Arthritis and other underlying conditions. 

All arthritis conditions respond well to the following:

  1. Fire extinguisher - Inflammation - With arthritis, you need a natural anti-inflammatory process. Vitamin B6, alpha-lipoic acid, curcumin, resveratrol, minerals like zinc and magnesium, and herbs like green tea, garlic, or ginger.


  1. Shock absorbers – glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, and cetyl myristoleate (CMO). To see relief, you’ll need to have a high-quality product.  That doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, but I have seen some less than optimal products. 


  1. Lubricators – essential fatty acids, mainly fish oil, flaxseed, and evening primrose oil, contain fatty acids that reduce inflammation and promote joint lubrication. It’s not instantaneous and usually takes about 6-10 weeks.  These are “oils” for your body.  It helps if it is a combination of omega 3, 6,7, and 9.  It helps joints, nerves, skin, and the immune system.


  1. Poison removers – these are things like sugar cane extract, flavonoids, catechins, and rutin factors. Did you know that people that have arthritis have toxic livers?  It’s from the cell damage and buildup of guanidine in the joints.  When you remove the poison from the joints, arthritis improves immensely.  The biggest change – stiffness lessens. 


  1. Sanitation engineers – enzymes. These modulate the inflammatory responses.  It’s like a little Pac-man cruising around eating up inflammation.  They also help to drain the swamp or clean out the jails.  You see, your immune system takes the bad guys, damaged cells, etc., and takes them to jails called lymph nodes.  Sanitation engineers drain the lymph nodes.  It sweeps the streets and takes out the trash.

The key to all arthritis is your diet.  Please follow the West Clinic's clean eating guide.  It will help arthritis and nearly every other health care condition.  I have seen this for over 20 years of practice.  You are what you eat and what you absorb.  

The best products for arthritis are in our Arthritis Comprehensive package. These reduce inflammation, protect the joints, increase mobility, and stimulate joint repair.

You can order the Arthritis Comprehensive directly from our website. Order here. 

To protect the joints, you need LUBRICATION.  This is UltraOmega.  This is way different than just fish oil. It’s a blend of Omega 3,6,7,9.  EFAs may very well be the single most important dietary supplement for promoting optimal health, as they support heart health, normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels, immune system function, brain health, joint mobility, beautiful skin and hair, and a healthy modulation of the inflammatory response. This helps with appropriate inflammation and controls pain.

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Arthritis basics:

Phase II – Vitamin D3

The next best thing for arthritis is Vitamin D3. This helps with pain control, calcium metabolism, immune system, and emotional health.

Phase III – Specific arthritis:


Everyone should take

Other Important Considerations:



Joint Freedom

Ultimate Omega


Vitamin D3

Joint Revive (severe OA)


Joint Freedom

Ultimate Omega

Gut Gold

Immune power


Joint Freedom

Ultimate Omega

Absolute Hair Skin & Nails

Joint Revive

Good Guys


Joint Freedom

Ultimate Omega

DK Absolute


Joint Revive


Joint Freedom

Ultimate Omega

Joint Revive

Immune Power

Deep C

Gut Gold


Uric Away

Kidney Confidence

Joint Freedom

Ultimate Omega

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue

Mag Max

Daily Dose (protein)

Joint Freedom

Ultimate Omega

Complete Minerals

Joint Revive

Fast Facts Supplement Guide for Arthritis  


Osteoarthritis – This is “rusty” arthritis; loss of joint space and sometimes bone-bone-arthritis.  The most effective supplement protocol is the following:

  1. Joint freedom
  2. Ultimate Omega
  3. Joint Revive
  4. Vitamin D3 + K

Rheumatoid Arthritis – inappropriate joint inflammation; many times, caused by infection.  Must fix the stomach and improve the immune system

  1. Gut Gold
  2. Joint Freedom
  3. Ultimate Omega
  4. Immune Power

Psoriatic Arthritis – skin arthritis.  Caused by internal imbalances. Skin becomes inflamed and then the inflammation eventually goes to the joints.  Must heal the skin, then protect and rebuild the joints 

  1. Joint Freedom
  2. Ultimate Omega
  3. Absolute Hair Skin & Nails
  4. Gut Gold
  5. Good Guys

Stomach Arthritis – foods and food allergies cause arthritis.  Heal the gut, rebuild the biome and protect and rebuild the joint.

  1. Joint Freedom
  2. Gut Gold
  3. DK Absolute
  4. Vitamin A 
  5. Vitamin E
  6. Zypan: Digestive Enzymes

Autoimmune – this occurs when the body’s defense system, the immune system, is overstimulated.  Most times because of chronic infection – bacterial (Lyme or staph) or viral (Epstein Barr Virus).  Decrease bad inflammation, protect the joints, and stimulate the thymus gland.

  1. Joint Freedom
  2. Ultimate Omega
  3. Deep C
  4. Joint Revive
  5. Gut Gold (gut healer)

Gout – this is deposition gout when crystals are deposited in the joint.  Very painful.  Help the body remove uric acid, break down protein and clean the kidneys. 

  1. Uric-away
  2. Zypan
  3. Kidney Confidence
  4. Ultimate Omega


Fibromyalgia – muscle fibers that hurt all over. It’s the build-up of lactic acid in the muscle tissues, not enough magnesium, and infection that are all factors. 

  1. Joint Freedom
  2. Ultimate Omega
  3. Complete Minerals
  4. Daily Dose Protein Shake
  5. Mag Max (magnesium)

Chronic Fatigue – it’s a chronic infection until proven otherwise.  Get the immune system to work, provide energy through protein,

  1. Joint Freedom
  2. Ultimate Omega
  3. Complete Minerals
  4. Daily Dose Protein
  5. Mag Max

The supplements above can be found in the online store. Visit to order products. 

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