10 Signs of Health

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10 Signs of Health

How to be healthy?

That sounds like a loaded question that comes with many answers.

Here are my top 10 signs to know whether you are healthy or not. 

1) You have a good resting heart rate; between 60-90 beats per minute.  

2) Your lips aren’t cracked or dry.  Dehydration and vitamin deficiencies may show up in your lip health. 

3) Your urine is the right color - pale yellow. 

4) Wounds, nicks, and scratches heal quickly. A wound heals in three phases - inflammation, scab formation, and scar tissue, all happen usually within 3 weeks.

5) If you are female, do you have regular cycles or if you are menopausal, did you have regular cycles?  Irregular cycles are a sign of hormone imbalance.

6) Your skin is clear - no one has perfect skin, but skin can indicate if you are healthy on the inside. 

7) Your weight is stable - this reduces risk factors of heart, stroke, and diabetes. 

8) Healthy Nails - it’s an extension of your skin - nails should be smooth, without ridges, grooves, spots, or discolorations.

9) You have regular bowel movements

10) You are alert most of the time. 

Of course, there are various other ways to test whether or not your health is up to par. These are just some of the signs of health.

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