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One thing our patients have been asking from us for years, is a way to stay connected and continue progressing EVERY DAY even after they leave our office.

Now You Can!!!!

Dr. Jason's exclusive Body Mind Thrive Experience incorporates the best of West Clinic's extensive knowledge and resources and gives you profound tools to support your continued journey to wellness!  Become a West Clinic Thriver!

Here's What is Included:

Imagine...if you will...

What if you could combine ALL your supplements into just ONE bottle?

Yep!  We can now customize your supplements to have EVERYTHING you need in just one bottle.  No more choking down dozens of different pills!  No more dealing with all those various bottles of supplements taking up all that counter space or cabinet space.  AND, by combining your nutrient needs in one, you get synergistic benefits and can even SAVE $$$ over what you are currently paying each month!!!  

Dr. Jason personally formulates your unique and customized supplement to YOUR needs!  And, as a West Clinic Thriver, you get ONE WHOLE YEAR of customized supplements INCLUDED in this membership!

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This alone is well worth the price of admission!!! 

But that's not all!!!

Become a Thriver and never need Dr. Google again. 

Get instant access to West Clinic Online Library!

Have questions or want to learn about what more you can do?  Peruse articles, videos, scientific papers, testimonials, and more, all from a TRUSTED SOURCE.

  • Video Vault:

    For years, Dr. Jason has been archiving his extensive knowledge and passion for helping people through informative and educational videos.  Stop going to Dr. Google for answers!  Expand your knowledge from a source you can trust. $1999 Value

  • eBooks, Articles, & Guides:

    Tap into hundreds of the thoughtfully crafted personal educational collection written by Dr. Jason and his dad, Dr. West. $995 Value

  • Scientific Journal Studies:

    Technical White Papers and Medical Research documents for deeper reference and guidance from the experts. $697 Value

  • Podcast & Livecast Library:

    Access recordings of all Dr. J's live appearances, all in ONE PLACE so you never miss an episode! $447 Value

  • Patient Success Stories:

    Get inspired and share in the hope and joy of hundreds of written and video testimonials from patients JUST LIKE YOU who got their life back with the West Clinic Way. $575 Value

  • How to Fix This:

    Ever think it would be cool to have a trusted resource at your fingertips on how to "fix" just about anything that ails you?  Join Dr. Jason in this exclusive series of videos where he shares his wisdom on "how to fix this." $1995 Value


Lab Test Result Explanation:

$1500 value

Ever look at a lab result and feel like you're looking at some strange secret spy document?  Learn how to decipher different lab results, what to look for, and what all the results REALLY mean for you and your health.

Best Medical Treatments:

$1495 Value

Over the past 105 years, the West Clinic Way has evolved to incorporate the best of age-old wisdom AND modern technology to share some of the most effective and cutting-edge treatments available today!  Learn about treatments your doctor probably doesn't even know.

What's In Your Supplements:

$997 Value

You take them everyday, but do you REALLY know what's in them and WHY you are taking them?  We will break down hundreds of different nutrients and what they are good for, as well as what ingredients to watch out for that may be actually harming you.

Expert Interviews:

$550 Value

Dr. J and medical professionals from all over the globe meet to discuss top health concerns we are facing today.  You can now be a "fly on the wall" to learn from some of the best in the industry.

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Think we're done?  Think again...

We're just getting started, because we know how important it is to CONTINUE your wellness journey.  That's why we created these AMAZING bonuses:

  • Free Bonus #1- Annual Coupon for a Yearly Workup for as long as you are on the supplement plan. ($350 Value)
    • Every Year that You are with a current Personalized OTC Supplement program, we will provide you with your own annual workup and formulation plan.


  • Free Bonus #2- FREE WORKUP for 2 friends / Family  ($700 Value)
    • As Part of the West Clinic Family we want to share the LOVE!  To show our appreciation, we want to give you TWO coupons you can share with anyone in your circle. 
    • Give them away as gifts or give them to someone who you know really needs our services but hasn’t made it for one reason or another.


  • Free Bonus #3- West Clinic App- Save 10% off your package price for treatment services or non-custom supplements from our store. ($Varies)
  • Little did you know you can go to Google Play or the App Store and find “The West Clinic App.”  Here’s some things you can do with it.
      • Set Personal Health Goals together with your doctor, nutritionist or health coach
      • Track Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, Meditation, Supplements, Mood, Pain and more.
      • Lifestyle plans and educational information including nutrition, meal plans, recipes, and videos
      • Electronic Journal for keeping track of important information or reflection
      • Automated reminders - never worry about forgetting anything again
      • Use Health App to share movement, sleep, blood pressure and more data from your favorite health and fitness tracking devices.
      • Pill Reminder

That's a whopping $12,746+ value!!!

And, for a limited time you can get it ALL for just $2997.


Enroll Now for Just $3499

Annual Renewal

  • ONE FULL YEAR of customized supplements specifically formulated for YOU!
  • Access to Dr. J's Video Vault
  • eBooks, Articles, and Guides
  • Scientific Journal Studies
  • Replay Library
  • Patient Success Stories Archives
  • "How to Fix This" Video Library
  • Lab Test Results Explanation Tutorials
  • Best Medical Treatments You've Probably Never Heard About Series
  • What's In Your Supplements Program
  • Expert Interviews
  • FAQ Compilation
  • LIVE Group Q&A's with Dr. J

PLUS get these amazing Bonuses:

  • Annual Coupon for a Yearly Workup
  • Family/Friend Workup Coupon (2)
  • West Clinic App