Hidden obstacles that prevent healing (Interference Fields)

Season #1

Welcome to America's Healer, where we bring you the latest in health and wellness from the top experts in the field. On this week's episode, we are excited to have Dr. Jason West join us to discuss the hidden obstacles that stop healing, known as interference fields. As a leading expert in the field of holistic medicine, Dr. West has helped hundreds of patients overcome the roadblocks that prevent the body from healing properly. Interference fields can be anything from old injuries to toxins in the environment, and they can cause a host of issues such as chronic pain, fatigue, and even neurological disorders. During this episode, Dr. West will share his vast knowledge and expertise on this often-overlooked therapy. He will explain how interference fields block the flow of energy in the body and prevent the nervous system from being healthy. He will also talks on the various techniques and treatments that can be used to overcome these obstacles and help the body heal naturally. Listeners will not want to miss this informative and eye-opening episode, as Dr. West shares his patient success stories and gives valuable insights into the world of holistic medicine. Join us for America's Healer with Dr. Jason West and discover how to overcome hidden obstacles and achieve optimal health and wellness. Listen here on VoiceAmerica ➡️ For more resources to support your health visit ➡️ Download the free eBook, take the personalized nutrient assessment, and discover the best ways to achieve and maintain optimal health.