The Great Imititator - Chronic Lyme Disease

Season #1

Welcome to America's Healer, the radio show that brings together experts in the field of For more information on working with Dr. West and his team, visit Remember, your health is in your hands. Listen here on VoiceAmerica ➡️ For more resources to support your health visit ➡️ Download the free eBook, take the personalized nutrient assessment, and discover the best ways to achieve and maintain optimal health. On today's show, we'll be discussing Lyme Disease, also known as the great imitator. Join Dr. West as he shares his amazing success with Lyme disease, including patient testimonials and his unique and innovative way to treat this increasing epidemic. Lyme disease can cause a variety of symptoms that can be difficult to diagnose, but with Dr. West's expertise and cutting-edge treatments, you'll learn how to manage and overcome this debilitating condition. Don't miss this informative and insightful episode on Lyme disease with Dr. Jason West. Tune in to America's Healer to hear firsthand accounts of patients who have successfully overcome Lyme disease, and learn about the latest in innovative treatments that can help you live a healthier and happier life. For more information and resources on Lyme disease, be sure to visit Dr. West's website at Get the help and support you need to fight Lyme disease and regain your health and wellness today.