Riding shotgun on a cancer diagnosis

Season #1

Welcome to America's Healer, the radio show that brings together experts in the field of health and wellness to discuss the latest research and treatments for various health conditions. On today's show, we have a very special guest, Rebecca, who will share her experience as the spouse of someone diagnosed with cancer. Join Dr. Jason West, a nationally known doctor, author, and 2x Doctor of the Year award winner, for "Riding Shotgun on Cancer." In this episode, Dr. West will interview Rebecca about her firsthand experience with traditional medicine, workup, diagnosis, and treatment options for her husband's cancer. Rebecca will also discuss what she is doing at home to help her husband deal with his cancer. Dr. West will also share his insights on cancer support therapies such as Vitamin C infusions, laetrile, oxidative medicine, and ozone. He will share his success stories involving supportive cancer treatments and what he wishes people knew before starting treatment. Dr. West will also discuss the tests he likes to order and the supplements he recommends to help his patients with cancer. Join us on "Riding Shotgun on Cancer" to learn more about cancer support therapies, prevention, and treatment options. Tune in to America's Healer to hear Dr. Jason West and Rebecca share their stories, insights, and expertise. For more information on working with Dr. West and his team, visit Remember, your health is in your hands. Listen here on VoiceAmerica ➡️ For more resources to support your health visit ➡️ Download the free eBook, take the personalized nutrient assessment, and discover the best ways to achieve and maintain optimal health.