What's wrong with health insurance? What should you do?

Season #1

Join me with my guest, Carl Stoddard, as we talk about what's wrong with health care; what you can do to manage costs; and why the mistaken belief that health insurance is your friend. Carl has a unique insight to the back end of doctor's offices and sheds light on the problems so many doctors face. If you are struggling with health care experience, you are not alone. Carl Stoddard is an accomplished Senior Executive and Board Member with more than 20 years of success across the medical, finance, insurance, technology, and software industries. Leveraging extensive experience in corporate finance, he is a valuable asset for companies struggling with profit and loss management, developing their business model, or implementing new accounting systems and metrics. His broad areas of expertise include strategic planning and implementation, financial analysis, business development, financial acumen, profit and loss, and budgets. In 2009, he founded Doctors CFO where he currently serves as President and in 2015. Carl founded Doctors CFO as a way to work directly with physicians who own their own practices; he has worked with numerous clients in the healthcare space, in both single-practice and multi-practice capacities, and has helped them find financial stability, growth, and expansion. Carl received his Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Idaho State University and his Master of Business Administration from Arizona State University. He frequently participates in continuing education and professional development and is a Diamond Status Certified QuickBooks Advanced Online Proadvisor. In addition to his formal education, Carl has a wealth of knowledge in the roles and responsibilities of a board member having worked alongside board leadership on numerous projects throughout his career. Listen here on VoiceAmerica ➡️ For more resources to support your health visit ➡️ Download the free eBook, take the personalized nutrient assessment, and discover the best ways to achieve and maintain optimal health.