Dr. Jason West

The Playmaker

"No single medical professional knows everything. By striving to learn, I find little tidbits of information, procedures, or treatments that give us that extra "something" to help patients."

As a fourth generation healer and a world renowned alternative medical provider, Dr. Jason West believes in providing exceptional healthcare to his patients. With two doctorates, a fellowship in health care disciplines, and over a million dollars in continuing education, Dr. West's knowledge and training is unmatched . . .READ MORE

Dr. Scott Nelson

The Energizer

With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Scott Nelson is truly one of a kind. His vast understanding and expertise is crucial... READ MORE

Shelby Stoddard

The Shelby GT5000

Our Medical Director, and nurse practitioner, Shelby Stoddard, believes that finding the "WHY" to symptoms is the key to promoting optimal health...READ MORE

Dr. James Hollingsworth

The Jedi Healer

Just as Jedi Healers have great influence on their subjects, he is extremely influential in his patients healing...READ MORE


 Other Team Members

Kristine May, BSHS, NTP

 Kristine was first introduced to the West Clinic as a patient back in 2012.  Over the course of treatment, she developed a passion......Read More

Misty Hopkins


Tacia Hancock


Suzanne Grinnell



Teresa Earl


    Jodi Nichols 


Lori Howell