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Dr. Jason West

D.C., N.M.D., F.I.A.M.A., D.B.D.C.N.

The Playmaker

“No single medical professional knows everything. By striving to learn, I find little tidbits of information, procedures, or treatments that give us that extra “something” to help patients.”

I’ve seen it time and time again – patients who come into The West Clinic who have tried everything (drugs, therapy, surgery – both standard and experimental), only to find that nothing has worked. And now they are desperate. While I’m glad they’ve come to see me, I wish they would have come sooner. Then they wouldn’t have suffered so much while receiving ‘normal medical treatments’ – that in the end didn’t work.”

Dr Jason West runs the world renowned clinic in Pocatello, Idaho and has patients
from every state and from every continent. The West Clinic was started in 1916
and celebrates 100+ years of practice with four generations of doctors and six
generations of patients. Dr West attended the Southern California University of
Health Sciences and was awarded the Outstanding Senior Award (from students) and the Presidential Leadership award from the President. In 2012 and in 2016, Dr Jason West was awarded the Idaho Chiropractor of the Year Award.

Dr West has been relentless in furthering his education. He completed a fellowship in Oriental Medicine, a Diplomate in nutrition and a second doctorate as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. He uses his diverse educational background and other health care providers (MD, NP, DC, ND, and LAc) at the West Clinic to develop comprehensive treatment plans for all diseases. If it’s not an emergency like a heart attack, baby delivery, or surgery, chances are the West Clinic is treating someone with your symptom, diagnosis or condition. They have had excellent results and publish some of the patient outcomes on a digital blog called,

Dr West is a published author in the scientific literature on headaches. He also has several books, 2 of which include
Hidden Secrets to Curing Your Chronic Disease, a #1 Amazon Best Seller, and Hidden Secrets to Healthy Living, a
health living manual and cookbook.Dr West has lectured around the world at conferences. He loves teaching seminars for doctors on topics such as clinical nutrition, blood chemistry, chronic disease, and energy deficits as well as motivating staff members and educating patients, and also provides personal consulting with doctors that wish to excel in health care.

Dr West is married to his sweetheart, Maxine and has five sons. His family enjoys snowmobiling and motorcycle riding together. You might find Dr West relaxing by playing the piano or continuing his voracious reading hobby.