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Glowing Vitality Epidermis Serum

Glowing Vitality Epidermis Serum


Happy Healthy Skin!! This serum goes a long way!

“Glowing Vitality” Skin Serum makes a wonderful gift for yourself and your favorite friends, and for both men and women

Glowing Vitality Epidermis SerumTM was specially developed to provide instant moisture to the outer layers of the skin and feel rejuvenating while the key ingredients get absorbed past the dry skin. The luscious oils and natural butters penetrate deep into the epidermis layers for a lasting youthful feeling.

Glowing Vitality Epidermis Serum contains: Coconut Oil (softens, protects skin) Sweet Almond Oil (moisturizes and conditions) Grapeseed Oil (improves absorption) Apricot Kernel Oil (rich in essential fatty acids) Hempseed Oil (prevents moisture loss, rich in Vitamin D) Avocado Oil (nourishes, moisturizes, softens) Jojoba Oil (moisturizes, nourishes, revitalizes) Pumpkinseed Oil (provides natural antioxidants, a very nutritious oil) Shea Butter (balances, normalizes, soothes and hydrates the skin) Calendula Flower Oil (promotes healing, protects skin) Vitamin E (protects cell membranes and acts as a natural preservative) and these 6 herbs – Una de gato (Cat’s Claw – controls inflammation) Ginkgo Biloba (improves circulation) Pau d Arco (provides anti-bacterial properties) Suma root (contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals) Chinese Astragalus (promotes immune function) Chaparral (antioxidant, improves circulation, controls inflammation) and Love!