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Activz Complete Multivitamin Powder

Activz Complete Multivitamin Powder


Access the benefits of organic whole foods with Activz Complete, one of the two flagship supplements of the Activz brand. Specifically designed to provide robust immune support and sustained overall health† from the power of whole foods, Complete provides a balanced spectrum of nutrients from 9 servings of organic fruits and vegetables – the same number of daily servings recommended by the CDC and USDA to prevent disease and enjoy optimal health over time.

Delivers nutrients in shake form, providing a convenient, delicious alternative to swallowing capsules.
Can be enjoyed on-the-go as a healthy snack or workout recovery beverage.
Offers phytonutrients from 9 servings of organic fruits and vegetables – no washing, slicing or juicing required.
Supports healthy immunity by providing 100% of the recommended daily allowance for 14 of the vitamins and minerals your body uses most.†
Supports nutrient absorption through a proprietary blend of amino acid chelated minerals.†
Offers essential omega fatty acids for brain and heart health.†
Supplies plant enzymes to target nutrient absorption and support healthy energy levels.†
Supports a healthy digestive system with 11 strains of probiotics.†
Supports vision, cell integrity and more.†

Energy shake
Multivitamin supplement
Recovery drink
Healthy snack