Kristine May, BSHS, NTP

Kristine was first introduced to The Wnest Clinic as a patient back in 2012. Over the course of treatment, she developed a passion for
holistic health and experienced firsthand the compassionate care
rendered by The West Clinic team. Now, she finds joy in taking
part in others’ healing.
Kristine is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, receiving her
certification through the Nutritional Therapy Association based out
of Seattle, WA, has a Bachelor of Science in Health Science, as well
as an Associate’s degree in Health Information Technology.
Because she believes in continual education, she is currently
studying emotional mastery and mindfulness and believes the
mind/body connection is so important to optimal health and
As one who has personal experience with health challenges, she
understands the frustrations and confusion around supporting the
body nutritionally – especially when undergoing treatments. There are differing opinions everywhere you turn
in regards to how to best fuel the body. There is a reason for this…. No two bodies are the same. We are all bio
individual beings. What works for you, doesn’t necessarily work for all. This is the main reason many don’t
experience relief when following routine diet plans or food pyramid recommendations. Kristine believes in
uniquely tailoring dietary guidance to best support each client’s needs.
Having complete confidence in nutrition and its ability to transform our bodies, Kristine knows education is
the key. As she works together with clients, clients will gain a better understanding of how food choices
influence the body. Nutritional deficiencies may be causing symptoms or systemic dysfunction. As she works
to foundationally support her clients, symptoms many times dissipate. Through this transformation, clients
not only feel healthier, but also develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime. This wealth of knowledge
continues to bless you as long as you let it.
Kristine enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. She loves watching her children learn and
grow, and she is always their loudest supporter at all of their competitive events. Motherhood is her greatest
calling and she values it above all else. Traveling and experiencing other cultures is of great importance to
Kristine. This may have stemmed from her upbringing. She has lived in five different states and has visited
over thirty. She hopes to someday travel internationally and would love to participate in relief efforts of some
sort. The greatest experiences of her life thus far have come through serving others.
Kristine is grateful to be a part of The West Clinic team. It is important to like what you do. She loves going to
work every day and enjoys the lasting relationships she has formed with team members and patients alike.
From appreciative patient to eager nutritional therapist, Kristine knows that the future is bright for The West
Clinic and she is excited to be a part of it all!